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ChilCo Diversified Inc. is an independent manufacturer's representative firm servicing the concrete and masonry construction industries. ChilCo is proud to represent the premier manufacturers of construction specialty chemicals and products including The Sika Corporation, EMS Expansion Joints, Evonik Protectosil Chem-Trete & Aqua-Trete and Miracote. Please visit the links at left for more details about ChilCo Diversified Inc, and the lines we offer.


Jan 2019: Chilco is pleased to announce the addition of EMSEAL expansion joints to our product offering. EMSEAL manufactures market leading joint seals and precompresed seals for the building envelope, roofing, parking garage, building interiors, stadiums, as well as offering fire rated systems for interior joints.




SikaSmart Grows with the addition of Air Barriers and Below Grade Waterproofing offerings.

With a 104 plus year history of waterproofing structures, Sika Corporation continues to add to its already extensive line of building envelope protection materials by adding air barriers and below grade waterproofing to thSikaSmarteir lineup.

Click here for an interactive introduction to Sika's capabilities in this arena.